Is stress swallowing you?

Each one of us, from a nursery kid to PM is under some kind of stress. Stress has good and bad effects. It is the stress that gets you out of dangers on road or in work. But too much stress can make you sick physically and mentally. Therefore we need stress. Stress will stay with us till we expire.

So the only way is stress management about which most of us have read. We read it, follow the rituals to reduce and manage them. So here are a few which are found very practical.

Let us start from children. Childhood stress should not be underrated. Stress will be evident from his or her actions. But it affects their character the most. This may lead to unusual behavior or poor self-confidence in future .Thus the long term exposures to stress can cause a substantial reduce in their mental health. Parents should take care about this and keep a cool atmosphere for them.

When moving to stress in adults, each one should take care themselves. Crowded air, noise, depressing situations, high pressure jobs, break ups, problems with mate and a lot of other situations can bring you under stress. Exercise, good sleep, talking to a beloved one, music … will help you for sure. But the important point is that, make your STRESS to a PRODUCTIVE one.Ask yourselves: How productive I’am?. Now think about a situation which you were under stress and you managed it well, everyone will have one such. So get motivated imagine some situations which will be likely to occur in future and make you ready because stress is yours. ATTITUDE is another point. With which attitude you approaches something, so will be the results. Keeping a GOOD VIEW for each and every thing you approach. From folding your bed sheet to a deadline job keep a good view.

Tip: Practice it for 2 days and encourage others. You will see a remarkable hike in your ability to cope with stress.Good Luck. Give your SUGGESTIONS please.


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