Stage Fear. But he made it

If you have landed in this page or any page regarding the above subject it is a good sign of your NEED to change provided if you have the problem of speaking publicly. Today I’m writing a different subject. I could never resist the pressure to write this. What happened is one of my colleagues Dufresne has given a speech today. You might be thinking what is forte in his speech so as to mention it to public. I knew him since his childhood and dear reader I have never seen such an introvert like him. He never goes to a function or speaks anything publicly. He usually stayed away from crowd. Whenever he was asked to do something on stage he used to flee from that occasion. But today he has done the incredible hulk thing. He broke the barrier of facing a crowd and done the job exceptionally well. After class I asked him “How did you do that man”. He told me some amazing facts.

First thing is that he ‘NEED’ to change. He then realized the intensity of his social phobia. He told himself that he will change. Every day since then he wished people whom he never used to acquntaince with. That gave him an idea about how society ‘VIEW’ the society. Secondly he started setting goals. He set short term goals with a deadline and accomplished them. This process increased his ‘WILL POWER’ in the backend. This also helped him in developing good habits. From short term goals to long term goals it went. Thirdly he used his ‘CHANCE’. When he got the assignment of a speech he prepared well in depth, done it in front of mirror, done it during shower adopted his own way of speaking and so on. He prepared so well in a manner that he has the immense understanding about the topic than the audience. This boosted his ‘CONFIDENCE LEVEL’. He also visualized his class in mind told himself that all are alike and told himself ‘yes I can do’. This routine for 10 to 15 days pulled the stage fear from him. This deserves a token of appreciation for him. He is a changed man today.

This is an actual experience and may this help you.


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