Google Allo. A Smart app

Allo is a smart messaging app by Google with which you can connect all people in your phone-book like Whatsapp messenger. Allo is a messaging application that makes chats easier, more productive, and more expressive. It is available for Android and iOS. But it is a smart application. Allo can learn over time. Allo’s “Smart reply” feature can make responses to a message and it can analyze the images received. It uses Google’s machine-learning and natural language processing to suggest the replies. The more we use Allo, the more it learns. Allo is an application that could do all stuff including web search, sharing, communicate etc. Allo is also supported by Google Assistant so you can make searches without leaving Allo.  You can get Google Assistant at any time just by typing “@google” in Allo and do the search. Google Assistant can remember your searches and give you suggestions. “Whisper Shout” feature will allow the users to increase or decrease the size of a message. The feature called Ink lets you get creative with photos so you can edit or doodle on them. Allo also gives you the incognito mode and have end-to-end encryption. Chats and functioning layout in Allo is similar to Whatsapp or Hangouts .



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