Project Ara,the modular smartphone

Modular phones are made up by joining individual modules from camera to processor. Instead of a single  unit, a phone that could be plugged into different  functionality modules. One can buy multiple modules to according to situations such as a display touchscreen jacket for watching movie or gaming, a low power one for work or speakers for music etc.

With this concept Google’s Advanced Technology and Products division offers a whole new hardware system and partner platform for Google. Google has developed Ara Smartphones are made up of modules inserted into metal endoskeletal frames known as “endos”. The frame is the only component in an Ara Smartphone that is by Google. It acts as  switch to the on-device network connecting all the modules together. Modules include common smartphone features, such as cameras (wide angle),displays (E Ink) and speakers, but can also provide more specialized features, such as medical devices, receipt printers, laser pointers, Pico projectors, night vision sensors, or game controller buttons.  Ara plans to ship with six slots for the modules; four if you use two double-sized modules. Each slot will accept any module of the correct size in frame. Modules can be brought from Google store and at third-party stores. Ara Smartphones accepts official modules by default, but users can change a software setting to add unofficial. This is similar to how Android handles app installations.

Developer Edition releasing later this year is a 5.3-inch, fairly high-end smartphone. You can use it like a normal Android phone. A big, thick Android phone with a bunch of weird open ports, but normal. Developer kits for Ara will be shipping later this year, and a consumer version.



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