Hyperbaric cooling technology


HP has recently released the world’s thinnest laptop – the Spectre 13.3 notebook.The featherweight 13 inch laptop weighs just 2.45 pounds and is only 10.4mm thick.

For running the internal functions  smoothly, HP designed a new approach to keep the new system cool, HP uses its so-called ‘hyperbaric cooling technology’ in Spectre 13.3, which features two ultra-thin fans, a heat-pipe and a special copper radiator. The fans intake cool air from the outside and then redirect them over the processor and other vital components to keep the laptop cool. The air taken in creates significant air pressure inside the chassis to blow away hot air which combines with dynamic power settings. This keeps the laptop smooth and cool when running at peak performance. The company didn’t say how loud the cooling system is, but assured that noise levels created will be comfortable.


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