What is Deep Web?

“Deep Web” is a term of the internet that is not usually accessible by search engines. “Deep Web” is 500-600 times larger than “Surface Web. The “Surface Web” is the internet that we use commonly and search results can be found through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The search engine indexed pages are only 16% of total data in internet. Search engines use crawling techniques so that an indexed page can be found through a hyperlink from the search page or a page from domain. On the other hand “Deep Web” can only be accessed through internet is by typing a directed query into web search form and retrieving content from a database (which isn’t linked or indexed by search engines) during usual searches. Therefore to access “Deep Web” one need use a “Deep Web” website.

“Deep Web” contains huge resources of information about business, health, medicine(pharmaceuticals), daily news, economics, politics, theories, works and papers submitted as projects, useful blogs and so on. If you are searching for unstructured Big Data or trying to answer narrowly targeted searches, it can typically be found somewhere within the ocean of “Deep Web” sources. Both public and private sector organizations utilize the capacity of digging unstructured content from the internet.

So this is an overview about “Deep Web”. Sometimes “Deep Web” is misapprehended as “Dark Web”. It is wrong. What is it? Why shouldn’t you use them? How to safely search in “Deep Web”? You can read I next posts.


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